About Trident Cubed Solutions

photo of grey ship being hoisted by red shipping crane
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Mission is to become the best logistics company in the world.

Trident Cubed Solutions specializes in project cargo transportation planning and design. Our scope encompasses both onshore and offshore project management. We also offer consultancy and project guidance for these disciplines.

Our highly experienced Port Captains, Surveyors and Engineering team evaluate and execute the stowage and handling of cargos worldwide and offer 24-hour supervision of all cargo operations.

Trident Cubed Solutions provides best service for project cargo transportation planning and design.


Houston, TX

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Altamira, Mexico

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Tampa, Florida

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Cartagena, Colombia

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Leadership Team

Capt. Cezary Poninski
Managing Partner

Duncan Cooke
Managing Partner
Project Engineer

Capt. Hector Ramirez
Managing Partner

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